Disingenuous to oppose governor's jet

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2005

Frequent news reports containing names of elected officials scoffing at the idea of the state of Alaska owning jet-powered aircraft for use for official travel could be valuable to those wishing to seek elected office in the future.

Those reports would give a candidate a wonderful list of absolute imbeciles now serving in office.

Why on earth the type of engine an aircraft uses could be used for political argument escapes me. I suspect these same imbeciles, given the chance, would have argued against using fossil fuel and internal combustion engines to propel ships preferring instead continued use of heavy canvas sails. What a romantic notion that is.

How many years has it been since we stopped flying piston-powered airplanes on our trips to Anchorage or Seattle? Certainly at least 45 years. Do we consider riding a jet a luxury? No, of course not.

Should we go back to flying propeller-driven DC-3s to Anchorage because of a perceived image they are trying to create?

I remember one trip north on a DC-3 where we had to shovel snow out of the passenger compartment in order to get the doors to open when we landed. How droll!

As long as voters keep putting imbeciles in office such as those showing feigned political opposition to modernizing state aircraft, maybe we should revitalize the old DC-3.

Gov. Murkowski and his key staff dedicate considerable waking hours each day to the task of governing this huge state. Distances are great; their time is valuable. It is a commodity that they cannot save; they can only spend wisely.

These elected imbeciles would much rather see our top elected officials spending as much time as possible in slower, less reliable propeller driven aircraft doing the states business while they themselves can hop on a jet to go home. Boy, does that ever make sense (to an imbecile).

David Fremming


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