Vodka blamed for shooting incident

18-year-old lodged at Lemon Creek, charged with two felony counts of third-degree assault

Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2005

A fight over a bottle of vodka led to a shot being fired Thursday night in the Marineview Apartments downtown, one witness told police.

Conrad Groseclose, 18, accused of pointing the Bushmaster .233-caliber rifle at another man in his sixth-floor apartment, was arrested and lodged at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center, Thursday night, police reported. Friday, he appeared in Juneau District Court on two felony counts of third-degree assault and a misdemeanor count of fourth-degree weapons misconduct. His bail was set at $2,500.

Police also reported that they arrested a man, 25, on a charge of interfering with officers.

According to court records, the complaint alleges Groseclose recklessly placed two people in fear of physical injury with the weapon. One was a man with whom he was arguing, a woman told police who responded to the scene. Another was the woman.

The affidavit filed by Assistant District Attorney Doug Gardner says the woman said the other alleged victim wanted to leave the apartment with a bottle of Monarch Vodka, and that Groseclose wanted him to leave the bottle.

She said the two men began wrestling before Groseclose went to the closet and took out his rifle, which he pointed at the man, threatening to shoot him, the court document states.

The two continued to argue into the hallway, where the other man put Groseclose into a headlock and turned the rifle downward, the witness reportedly said. The gun fired and both men reportedly fled the area.

Police found a Bushmaster .233-caliber rifle next to the elevator on the eighth floor, according to the document. It had a magazine holding five live rounds and a spent cartridge jammed in the breach.

Another officer found Groseclose, who identified the rifle as his and said he had been in fear for his life and wanted the other man to leave, according to the report. He also said the other man fired the rifle.

Officers later found a man passed out under Gastineau Avenue who was identified as the other man in the apartment, according to the affidavit. He denied being at the apartment, but the witness said the pint bottle of Monarch Vodka in his possession looked like the one that started the fight.

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