Rate hike to lessen in June, AEL&P says

Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2008

JUNEAU - The city's electric ratepayers will be getting some relief with their skyrocketing electric prices in June, according to Alaska Electric Power & Light Co.'s Director of Consumer Affairs Gayle Wood.

Electric bills in June will likely be about four times as high as they normally are, compared to the five-fold increase estimated for May's bill, Wood said.

She said kilowatt-hour costs in June will likely be between 38 to 42 cents. In May, the rate is estimated to be at 54 to 58 cents, Wood said. AEL&P's normal rates average about 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, according to Wood.

Wood said May's costs are greater because they include the cost of buying the diesel fuel necessary to generating electricity for part of April.

On April 16, avalanches wiped out part of the transmission line between Juneau's main source of hydroelectric power, causing AEL&P to use diesel generators to produce most of the city's electricity. AEL&P estimates that it will take between two and three months to repair the transmission lines.

Wood said AEL&P is estimating that July's kilowatt-hour costs will be similar to June's, but could change if the price of shipping the hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel goes up.

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