Transgender article was about selfishness

Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Hats off to the article on the setbacks and successes of one Mr. Aiden Key. Isn't it great that the same chemicals which, if injected into wolves or salmon would have brought the wrath of PETA upon us, has so clarified Mr. Key's confused gender orientation? Women who think he's Brad Pitt. Men who think she's Brad Pitt. Liposuctioned breasts. Rippling pecs. All for $6,000 plus $30 a week.

Interestingly, it wasn't until the final paragraphs that we learn - but only by reading between the lines - that somewhere a 10-year-old girl has been forced to live through the tragic loss of a parent and the breakup of a family unit. This is a child who in retrospect was brought into the world by artificial means, apparently in order to entertain two adults unprepared or unwilling to maintain a committed relationship.

As if that trauma isn't enough for a little girl, she next gets to be thrust into a nasty custody battle initiated by her, I guess, former co-mother.

Again, adults with too much spare time and money on their hands have forced a small child into a pitiful maelstrom of insecurity, uncertainty, sadness and stress. The writer, of course, doesn't give us any vision of this mess from the perspective of the ``ex.'' I wonder: Will CSED garnish the cash for Mr. Key's hormone shots if he falls behind on his child support payments?

The writer does, of course, include the requisite Christian-bashing in her boilerplate pro-gay propaganda piece. Perhaps she, and Mr. Key as well, missed the church's point. Was it gender that was in question?

Or was it selfishness?

Richard F. Schmitz Juneau

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