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Posted: Tuesday, April 25, 2000

I just can't believe one of my all-time favorite children is in the water now. I'm so sad. My condolences to his family.

As a good friend and past co-worker of Travis, I agree that personal watercraft should be outlawed. Our waters are too cold and rough. This is not the tropics.

To the person that wants to see personal watercraft outlawed - it is truly a travesty that you would use this family's time of trouble to further your own cause that has nothing to do with the issue of this child's death.

I don't think jet skis should be outlawed at all. It wasn't the jet ski that killed Travis. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Accidents happen.

If we're going to get rid of personal watercrafts, why don't we get rid of motorcycles, paragliders, skateboards and roller skates?

I agree with the caller about outlawing personal watercraft. But let's not stop there. Let's outlaw all boats, cars and planes. We should all stay inside our homes all the time. Then we will be completely safe.

Bill Hudson's happy about the state of Alaska taking over boating registration. Is Alaska going to play Coast Guard? What next, getting a driver's license to drive a boat?

Sen. Pearce's head tax would be good for Alaska. I'm astonished that Rep. Gail Phillips said that the bill won't be considered because her committee is closed. The Legislature is still in session. Going home early should not take precedence over this bill.

I think Sen. Pearce should postpone the early adjournment of the Legislature until her proposal about the head tax is given some thought instead of the bill dismissed because people want to go home early.

Hurray, hurray for Janet Reno. After eight years, hundreds of deaths, and botched jobs - she finally got one right.

Janet Reno really did it this time. Next, Clinton will go for everyone's gun. We're slowly going to communism.

I'm relieved that Elian is no longer a political football and he is safely united with his father. It is good to see the story have a happy ending. I am proud to be an American.

To the person who is ashamed to be an American, try moving to Cuba.

Each day I read the Empire and notice all the articles in the World section. The Juneau School Board does not want students at the high school level to even study any of these places. How strange.

In response to the person who objected to the transgender story, I want to thank the Empire for reporting news that reflects a diverse range of topics and viewpoints. It reinforces the ideals of the democratic society within which we supposedly live. Intelligent and thoughtful adults do not need the media to censure certain stories as though we were kids. As for children, parents can determine which realities of the world they wish to expose their children to and at what age.

I'm canceling my Empire subscription. Next Easter, the first thing I see will be the beauty and the power of love and the human spirit. Life is to short and joy is all around us. It shouldn't be hidden in the back of a newspaper.

Many thanks to the young man who rescued our runaway puppy from downtown traffic yesterday. He showed a great deal of poise and responsibility - he should be very proud of himself.

I'd like to express my gratitude to the couple who walk on Glacier Highway out by Tee Harbor with their springer spaniel. Every time I see them, they are picking up trash. Thank you.

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