Three reasons for making a change

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Each day, the parental and business community of Juneau place their trust in Juneau's teaching professionals to provide their children an education second to none. Each day we head off to work confident our children are learning the skills needed to become productive citizens upon graduation from high school. And each year many of Juneau's teachers, including myself, are seeking employment elsewhere.

Why, you might ask? Let me share a story. I know one teacher who quit to waitress at a local restaurant because she made more money in less time. That's a simple matter of economics. Our paychecks are simply an exchange of money for time and expertise. Now, I don't claim to be an economics guru, but one thing is very clear to me. Financially, I'm losing ground as a teacher in Juneau.

The Dilemma: The compensation I receive for working 50-60 hours a week throughout the school year is decreasing; the buying power of my compensation in Juneau is limited; I lose valuable time with my family. Three sound reasons to seek employment elsewhere in another field.

I will miss teaching and the students.

Chris Peterson


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