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Posted: Friday, April 25, 2003

Everyone is talking economy nowadays. Seniors are telling people the money they get from the government is infused into the economy, giving a boost. President Bush is still saying a tax cut is the resolution to a lagging economy, just as it used to be the reward of a booming, surplus economy. We got armchair economists sending letters to the editor, including me.

I think it's healthy. The problem is, the term, economy, is contorted for political purposes. In '94, after a moderate income tax increase instituted by the President Clinton, Newt Gingrich said the economy would completely tank. Instead, the economy went on an unprecedented boom. This is because I believe a few solid principles were followed: The first, moderation. The second, inflation watching. The third, to encourage the only thing that really boosts an economy, new ideas. New technology was encouraged in the '90s, as well as small business success.

One sees the power of moderation in the U.S. Senate. The moderate Republicans are showing wide sway in the narrow Senate, in cutting Bush's tax cut in half, and stopping ANWR. We can wonder what Lisa Murkowski will do when she comes into her own.

Again, moderation is making some sense in our own state. The longevity bonus is being discussed through compromise. Rep. Anderson introduced a bill offering corporate tax incentives for the economic-developing ARDOR. Our own Southeast Conference, which stresses, among many things, improved ferry services, and cultural diversity and recognition, would gain through the bill. Southeast Conference understands the obvious connection between economy and culture.

Any cuts in our already under-funded education are a step back in progress. It's shameful to see this happening to our students, the ones who can't vote, and so don't seem to hold as much sway as adults and seniors.

Let's bring out the arm-chair economists. Educate our students on the power of real cultural knowledge, and how it improves our world of work and government. Please challenge my opinion, and others, respectfully, knowledgeably. Now, with so much at stake, so many lives balancing in state, nation and world, let's create a strong, sustainable economy. After all, an economy reflects a people's cultural and moral values.

Ishmael Hope


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