Existing dog rules aren't enforced

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 25, 2004

Gee, I wonder why people dislike dogs that are not on a leash.

On April 21, I was bitten by an unleashed dog.

It was on a trail marked for leashed dogs and to be used by bikers, hikers and walkers. The owner said she had read the sign before heading down the trail.

But her dog wasn't the kind of dog that would bother anyone. It had never bitten anyone before. It had all it's shots and was very friendly.

I guess her dog just prefers aged meat, as I am 68. I now have two 3-inch gashes on my ankle. As I rode down the trail, there were five or more people with dogs.

You guessed it: None of them was on a leash, but after all, their dogs were not the kind of dogs that would bother anyone.

No, I didn't call the police or have the dog impounded. I waited until the lady had the dog in her car and then told her that her dog had broken the skin on my ankle. She said she was sorry.

Do I dislike dogs? Dogs who bite me, no. Dogs who are loose and attack my leashed dog as I walk her on Fritz Cove Road, no. Dogs who are loose and walk with me and my dog, then run in front of cars, no.

I dislike their owners who think, "My dog isn't that kind of dog."

Just maybe, under the right circumstances, your dog is that kind of dog.

Dog Task Force: The rules you make are not enforced on the existing trails.

Inconsiderate dog owners ignore them. Why make more unenforceable rules?

People with dogs: Learn to read the rules and obey them. They are there for a reason. After all, I was bitten by a well-mannered, very friendly and obedient dog.

Bill Johnson


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