Juneau road a foolish waste

Posted: Friday, April 25, 2008

It's time to admit that the Juneau access road project is a foolish waste of money and an imprudent assault on the very environment it's intended to promote, and kill it. After the infamous "bridge to nowhere" fiasco, the last thing Alaska needs is what will doubtless be mocked in the media as "the road to nowhere."

Add to this that wildlife protection issues will have to be addressed. That is to say, laws will either have to be broken or "relaxed" (read: changed in favor of a long piece of asphalt.)

In response to questions about putting a safe, useable road through the impossible terrain, the public is given answers such as, "We'll work out solutions as we go," which sound amazingly like "Oil will pay for the war."

Smart people aren't buying it.

I'm reminded of a Monty Python skit in which a moronic British explorer with double vision is planning to build a bridge "between the two peaks" (of Mount Kilimanjaro). Laughable, yes. What's not laughable is the waste of a purported half-billion dollars to destroy what we profess to protect, to scar the land we say we love and all for a boondoggle that even its fiercest proponents admit may not, after all, be feasible.

Mike Bradac


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