AEL&P should have had insurance

Posted: Friday, April 25, 2008

I am writing in concern about the electricity bill increase.

I feel that Alaska Electric Light & Power should have had insurance on those towers. All of us have to have car insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, renter's insurance, etc. So why doesn't AEL&P carry insurance for those accidents? Why do we as residents have to pay for something that is not our fault?

I feel there is a catch here. Maybe they are trying to get our Bush rebates to pay for higher electricity bills because we get Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, or in Alaska every resident pays higher prices on almost everything from groceries, rents, property taxes and necessities because we get permanent fund dividends. I do not know, but I feel that we are been had or taken as naive.

It is unfair that we have to pay for something that should carry an insurance policy to cover damages.

I feel that this increase will affect the economy in Juneau. It will make life miserable here and more young people that pay rent or already are in foreclosure might leave this beautiful capital.

I guess I may have to start cooking with gas and stop watching television.

Guadalupe Velazquez


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