Army, FBI investigating massage parlor visits

Posted: Friday, April 25, 2008

FAIRBANKS - Federal investigators from the Army and the FBI are investigating a North Pole massage parlor that they claim was a front for prostitution.

Investigators are trying to find out how often soldiers went to Lee's Oriental Massage Parlor and whether they brought others with them.

The business touted its proximity to Fort Wainwright Army Post in phone book advertising.

Soliciting a prostitute is a violation of the uniform code of military justice. Punishments can range from a verbal reprimand to a court-martial.

Lt. Col. Jonathan E. Allen of U.S. Army Alaska would not say how many soldiers are suspected of visiting the business.

"We are closely monitoring the investigation to ensure each soldier's rights are protected and that their commanders have all the relevant facts related to the circumstances of the visits," Allen said.

The owners of the massage parlor, David Kang, 49, and Yong Kang, 53, have been charged with one count of promoting prostitution.

Alaska State Troopers began investigating the business in mid-February. They contacted two soldiers outside the business who alluded to paying for sex.

Troopers said they twice saw scantily clad women working in the parlor, according to a criminal complaint.

Troopers have seized credit card receipts and videotapes. Allen said he did not know how long the investigation will take.

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