Thanks for welcoming us at Folk Festival

Posted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

On behalf of Guy Davis and myself, I'd like to thank the good folks of Alaska's state capital for making two travelers feel so welcome in your beautiful city as guests at the Alaska Folk Festival. The warmth you extended to us both, personally and professionally, made each day feel like a gorgeous spring-time breeze. Is every day like that in Juneau?

I'd like to personally give a special shout-out to Greg and Liz and the rest of the organizers, who work tirelessly to bring you such a first-rate event; warm wishes to Jamie and Mel, who showed me there's more to Juneau than the one side of the Channel; and thanks to Lise, for being the wind beneath my wings in getting me on my way home.

Lastly, Guy and I wish to thank the generosity of all the other multi-talented fellow musicians who shared their music and hearts throughout the extended weekend. It was so wonderful to be able to experience the considerable depth of the talent your fair little state has to offer.

Hope to share good times with you all again some day.

Thom Wolke

Guy Davis, manager


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