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Posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Team sports are one of the high school activities that works. The school board should concentrate its efforts to some of the areas that are not working and there are many. Kids want to play and are doing the fund raising necessary. I don't see any financial support from the school board. Does anybody believe that the school board supports sports?

To the people complaining about sports, sports provide quality time for families to be involved with their children. Kids need to be kept busy. What do you want the kids to be doing instead of sports?

Maybe it's time the school district puts some its money in successful athletic programs instead of failing academic programs.

It doesn't really matter who supports Don Young - Republicans, Democrats or Independents. The main thing is that Don Young is still representing Alaska because he does a good job.

It's long past time for the courts and the higher authorities to limit the Juneau Airport to essential services only. There is continued blatant abuse of residential areas by aviation interests. Most recently, helicopters practicing over residential areas for several hours.

I wonder what is going on with the state correspondence school? It seems like people are flying out of there faster than birds on a sunny day.

Thanks to the arts council for bringing the Faustworks mask performance. Looking at the arts council contributors list, I found it odd that not one city council member or Juneau legislator supports it. What a poor reflection on us.

If the article on Aiden Key had been about a heterosexual, unrelated to gender change and mentioned a child in a custody battle - Mr. Richard Schmitz would probably not have batted an eye. It's true, that custody battles create a lot of pain. But let's face it, it's a pain largely created by heterosexual uncouplings, not gender change.

Many thanks to the city for its spring cleaning project downtown. It's good to see our tax dollars at work.

I've been to Eagle Beach lately. That road is in horrible shape. Lots of people use that road, the city or state should pave it.

It's time for the public interest to prevail over private interest. The arrogance of the Chamber of Commerce represented by George Davidson's My Turn is exceeded only by its disregard for the environment in its effort for immediate improved transportation north. Quit demanding the Cascade Point boondoggle and more study money poured down the drain. Support the fast ferries now.

Rep. Ramona Barnes should return to Tennessee. She is completely out of touch with what is going on in Alaska. We'd do well to be without her.

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