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Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2001

Thank you for dedicating a portion of your newspaper to Juneau Color each week. It is great to be able to count on having at least one positive feature on the front page. Thank you, Mac Metcalf, for writing those kind words about me. I can't accept it all. Here's the rest of the story. Credit goes to these people who work for the love of music and dance in Juneau:

Jack Fontanella for producing the GREAT folk festival dances.

Charli Meachum, Odette Foster, Cecily Morris for Thursday Night Contras.

John Laskey, sound wizard volunteer for contradances.

Tom Paul, Odette Foster, Jim Grammel and Charli Meacham for calling.

Tons of fine musicians.

Dancers who pitch in, dance and are welcoming to newcomers.

Camp Damp, Juneau's summer dance camp is a shared responsibility. It is not a children's camp, AND families with children are welcome. This year's coordinator is Valerie DeLaune.

Check out our contradance website:

Again, thanks for the feature, and for getting the record straight. It takes a lot of people to make folk music and dancing in Juneau such fun.

Sally Donaldson


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