The Brightest Sunshine

Posted: Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 2009

You are there as always smiling brightly,

holding my hand you grip it so tightly.

Thru your pulse and your eyes we feel your dreams,

and all of your passions or so it seems.

We know you are there within your own thought,

so many you touched don't think we forgot.

The sweetest being in all of humanity,

we all grow from your strength and from your sanity.

In an uncertain world with cruelty inherent,

your patience in all has become quite apparent.

Strength, courage, laughter and determination

this is my son that I see thru frustration.

Frustration that comes not born from self pity,

but from the deep heartfelt love that could fill a city.

The parental need of things for a child,

can change on a dime and are often not mild.

These are the things that bind us together,

and thru all of this we become birds of a feather.

Growing and changing with each passing year,

for what lies ahead there is no room for fear.

For all of the wonders and beauty we yearned,

compassion is a lesson often not learned.

The pride that we feel is as tall as a mountain,

the love that you share we drink from your fountain.

So many the numbers that you have impacted,

with the softest touch that you have enacted.

A lonely young man you will never become,

such a lovely young boy my heart beats like a drum.

Someday soon you will become a fine man,

but until then son, we'll all understand.

Compassion, understanding & love ... these are the wishes from a parent of an autistic child.

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