Jazz & Classics creates education, endowment funds

Posted: Monday, April 26, 2010

The Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival (our 24th) starts in one month, and we want to share the news that we have created a Jane and Tom Stewart Education Fund to strengthen our outreach to youth.

This fund will provide scholarships, music in the schools and overall support for our existing elementary, middle and high school music programs. Our goal is ongoing excellence in music education in our schools.

Back in 1985, our Artistic Director Linda Rosenthal first had the vision of creating a festival to celebrate Juneau as a cultural center and bring world-class musicians - ranging from classical to jazz and blues - to town every Spring. Both Jane and Tom Stewart joined in the creation of the festival, and were loyal supporters throughout their lives.

We also want to announce that we have created a Juneau Jazz & Classics Endowment Fund. All of our board members have made personally significant contributions to this Endowment Fund, which is managed through the Juneau Community Foundation.

We invite you to purchase tickets now, sign up to volunteer or contribute financially. Please join us in securing the financial future of Juneau Jazz & Classics. More information and an event schedule can be found at www.jazzandclassics.org/ for the entire schedule. Ticket mailers also were sent out to postal customers recently.

Kathy Ruddy

Chair, Juneau Jazzand Classics

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