Dog to help out at Kenai airport

Posted: Monday, April 26, 2010

KENAI - A trained border collie is going to help chase away seagulls, sandhill cranes, geese and other birds that congregate on the runways of Kenai Municipal Airport.

Olivia Pfeifer, last year's Caring for the Kenai winner, came up with the idea to use a trained dog to chase away the birds. Pfeifer says in the summer of 2008, some 840 birds had to be scared away at Kenai Airport and 48 were shot to mitigate the hazards to aircraft.

Dog and Whistle Goose Control in Auburn, Calif., will be leasing a dog to the city of Kenai for the summer for a four-month pilot program.

Pfeifer says the collie will be working some 30 hours at the airport.

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