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Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2000

I'm a JDHS senior. In 12 years, I have not seen or spoken to a member of the school board but every decision they make affects my life. It's the teachers and coaches who are out there and know what is going on - supporting the programs that are important to students. I don't agree with the school board - they are out of touch with what students want and need.

I want to commend the Juneau high school's music program for including all students whether they are academically challenged or students with physical or emotional needs. Thanks.

The conclusion of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce on improving access to Juneau makes no sense. If they want daily ferry service, why not support it now without any strings attached? This group is only serving to delay daily ferry service - the only access to Juneau as of now. Thanks guys, no wonder my business won't join the Chamber of Commerce.

A big thanks to George Davidson for wanting the road. I want the road too. I don't see any sense in putting money into these ferries that will go out with the tide.

It's clear that Alaska needs to generate more revenue to make Alaska work. It is terribly irresponsible of the Legislators to want to get out of town early and close the session without considering some important revenue-generating bills.

It's amazing. I have to pay $60 to $100 an hour for an electrician, mechanic, plumber - even a massage. But people complain because I work for the state, with a college degree, for $14 an hour.

Hey Juneau. Celebration is only a month away.

Many of us still miss Warren Wiley's morning radio program and look forward to his column. To those who don't like it -- just don't read it.

I think the 24-hour waiting period for abortions is hilarious. People need to get real about this - women have lots of time to consider their options. It's not like they wake up out of the blue and decide to have an abortion on that day.

Customer service is very important in the retail industry. I would like to commend Fred Meyers for their outstanding customer service.

My goodness, people in Juneau drive like weasels. They go the speed limit when the cops are around. But as soon as the police disappear, everyone is speeding again. It's like a bunch of little kids.

How many more people need to die from drunk driving before our Legislature will take action?

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