Posted: Friday, April 27, 2001

Cats missing

JUNEAU - Residents of downtown's Chicken Ridge neighborhood are trying to find out why at least four cats have disappeared since Monday from the area of Seventh and Seward streets, said Carol Dodson, owner of Max, an orange and white Manx (tailless) with a torn right ear.

"I want people to know there is something strange going on," Dodson said Thursday. No bears have been seen in the area yet, she said, so she doesn't think bears are the culprit.

Also missing are a 14-pound cat, tan with a dark tail wearing a blue collar; a 12-pound blonde tabby short-hair; and one other cat. Two owners are offering $100 rewards for the safe return of their pets.

Onstotts divorce

JUNEAU - James Onstott, charged with staging a standoff at a local church two weeks ago, objected emotionally when his wife, Laurie, was granted a divorce Thursday in Juneau District Court.

"Is there an incompatibility of temperament between you and Mr. Onstott such that the marriage cannot continue?" Judge Larry Weeks asked of Laurie Onstott.

"Well, we can't get along," she answered.

"I went into the church just to take one last look at her," James Onstott said, his body shaking. "I tried to kill myself but I didn't have the courage. I have nothing to live for."

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