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Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2003

I take exception to the premise that Alyeska Central School duplicates services provided by homeschool support programs. How can two programs, one where the student-teacher ratio is 60 to 1 and another where the ratio is 800 to 1 offer the same advantages? Alyeska offers the student the benefit of a teacher who is supported by an entire staff, including a special education teacher, a counselor, librarian, a computer tech and a 6,000-square-foot warehouse containing materials for hundreds of classes to meet the child's needs. The other programs may offer ultimate freedom of choice to a family, but certainly not the depth of support. Try this analogy. Instead of maintaining a local hospital, the city could give each person with a medical complaint $1,500 to get a first aid book and buy their medicine, care and supplies. Some people would be successful, but others really need the doctor's expertise, the equipment and support staff available in a hospital.

The principal at Alyeska Central School and the Juneau principal for the IDEA program are available by phone. Please, give them both a call to find out how different their programs are.

Brita Rice


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