Fashion statements?

Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2003

I drive a school bus and some of the students I transport are high school students. Today two high school girls boarded my bus in what I would never consider appropriate attire for school. One had a short T-shirt on and overalls with the straps hanging down and looking for all intents and purposes like the whole article of clothing was about to fall to the ground. The other had hip-hugging slacks and a spaghetti string tank top, also a short shirt. Both girls had their bellies hanging out.

The girls aren't the only problem. I watched in horror as a boy walked past my bus with his jeans belted - not around his waist but around his thighs. Now, it is my understanding that slacks are meant to cover the buttocks, not expose them. I don't care to watch a pair of boxer shorts parade past, however fashionable the design on them is, thank you very much. I realize that the baggy jeans are all the fashion but there is such a thing as decency, folks! Clothes are supposed to cover the body, not expose it, and these kids aren't wearing anything that adequately covers anything.

We teach our kids early in school about "private" areas of the body and then allow and even encourage them to expose those very areas. I have seen mothers lead their 6-year-old daughters into a store with these same scanty outfits. If parents are dressing their children thus at 6, it's no wonder these same children think nothing of wearing these obscene styles when they attend high school. I would like to know what these parents are thinking when they dress their daughters thus. Are they aware of the red flag they are putting up for the local pedophiles? Just how much decency must we sacrifice to the almighty fashion of the day?

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be allowed their own sense of fashion but there is an appropriate time and place for things and I really don't think the school is an appropriate place. If our school administrators were doing their job, there would be a dress code in place. I'm not saying uniforms or ban jeans or anything like that, but please, please, please cover the bodies! What you do at a beach party or in your back yard may be your own business but at school there should be some standard of decency upheld. Spaghetti straps and bare midriffs are really not appropriate and pants really should cover the buttocks.

The line has to be drawn somewhere!

Rayda L. Renshaw


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