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Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2003


The people gambling on the Internet are not the majority of those who will buy lottery tickets. The majority are impulse buyers, ones who would use their extra cash at the counter. Many are already receiving public assistance and trying to make the most of their discretionary income. Besides being a waste of time (except the one in 25 million), a lottery undermines hope for their self support. Say you don't care what the majority does. Then think of your tax dollars going into public assistance, which turns around and gives the money to the lottery, which turns around and gives money to "needy programs." Sounds like somebody getting rich on the backs of the poor.

I live in the state of Louisiana and I remember when the lottery started here. Along with it came video poker. Both put a lot of people in trouble. It's gambling and I feel it's just like drinking. It just causes more problems than good. It always seems to lead to more and more ways for people to get in trouble.

I live in South Dakota where we have video lottery. What we have seen in our area is a proliferation of pawn shops and a rise in crimes of embezzlement. According to addiction counselors, video lottery is the crack cocaine of gambling. Many people wish we had never started this business because of the social problems it has created, but we are so addicted to the money that we will never get rid of it.




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