Don't equate Islam with terror

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It was with great sadness I read the article in Sunday's paper regarding the new Fort Wainwright Combat Center. I understand the need for our military to receive terrorism training. What I don't understand, and find very distressing, is that my federal tax dollars are being spent on terrorist training that includes Islamic prayers being broadcast over the sound system at the combat center. What benefit is there in eradicating terrorism by broadcasting Islamic prayers? Apparently, this is the sixth such complex built by the military - this one costing $17 million.

What we don't need right now is training that perpetuates the myth that Islam is directly related to terrorism, which it isn't. I'm honored to live in a community that instead promotes and celebrates the similarities of all faiths, as in the "Festival of Faith" held Sunday evening. The term "Islamic Terrorist" is a contradiction in definition because the Islam faith does not condone nor support terrorism. How sad that our government promotes military training that makes a mockery of the Islam faith and perpetuates misunderstanding and hatred of other beliefs. I close with a quote from Gandhi - "Like the bee gathering honey from the different flowers, the wise person accepts the essence of the different scriptures and sees only the good in all religions."

Suzie Davis


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