Don't waste money on lobbyists

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2004

On April 15 the city of Juneau sent a "preliminary list" of capital improvement projects to our legislative delegation for possible state funding.

That list is as follows:

Eaglecrest electrical power feasibility study/design, $35,000; replace structural beam in Eagles Warming Hut, $10,000; snowmaking grooming improvements, $60,000; improvements to Zach Gordon Youth Center, $67,500; total, $172,500.

So it took our city leaders three months after the legislative session started to come up with something for our pricey lobbyists to work on. Actually, the letter from the city gives our legislators and pricey lobbyists an excuse for failure and a reason not to work. It reads, "Given the fiscal situation of the state, I anticipate it is unlikely that any additional funds will be available ... ."

I would like to take this opportunity to point out to our city leaders that they could have paid for more than half of these projects with the $100,000 they waste on unnecessary lobbyists. This would have allowed the mayor and Assembly members to show the taxpayers that they actually get something other then political corruption for their hard-earned tax dollars.

Steven Schlaffman


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