Editorial overanalyzes

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Your Sunday "Thumbs Down" editorial regarding the two e-mails that went from me to Randy Ruedrich suffers from underreporting and overanalyzing. You underreported because neither you nor your reporters have ever spoken to me on the subject. Because you picked up the story from another newspaper you had no way of knowing the context of my remarks. For example, your editorial failed to repeat the main point I made regarding the two e-mails, which was that the attorney general's complaint recognizes that one of them probably went to Ruedrich's home computer, and that I believe the other did, as well. In each case, the e-mails involved polls done by the Republican Party regarding potential taxes and user fees which the administration and others were considering to support public services in this state.

You overanalyzed because you focused only on my remark about being unable to use a computer, which was an aside at the very end of the interview with the Anchorage Daily News reporter. I am regularly teased about not using a computer. In no way can my full remarks be read in the context you portray, which would have me blaming my secretary for missing sent e-mails. I clearly directed they be sent. My secretary does a terrific job. It is I alone who am responsible for the two e-mails, what they said, and to which computer they were directed.

James F. Clark


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