Simpson works to keep Juneau capital

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2004

There must be a new theory that says if you shoot all of your friends your enemies will leave you alone. Why else would your reporter try to make a story out of Paulette Simpson's e-mail?

Many of us who have spent countless hours over the years working to keep the capital in Juneau were afraid of the ramifications of Mayor Botelho's statement that the existing Capitol building was inadequate and that a new one should be built. The reason is simply that the best argument against moving the capital - cost - goes away if you are going to build a new building. The question then becomes, where should it be built? This is especially true if there is another attempt to just move the Legislature.

You would have a difficult time to find anyone who has donated more time and worked more effectively against moving the capital than Paulette Simpson. Her critics certainly haven't. Shame on you, Juneau Empire.

Rick Urion


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