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Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2005

... for help with AEYC-SEA

We would like to thank everyone that helped with the AEYC-SEA (Association for the Education of Young Children Southeast) Biennial Early Childhood Education Conference March 17-19. Our corporate sponsors were the University of Alaska Southeast, Wells Fargo, U-Haul, Cam Byrnes Photography and the Wythe Dornan-Brian Douglas Memorial Fund.

We would especially like to thank the UAS staff for being so accommodating. Specifically, we would like to thank Keith Gerken and his staff in facilities, Jim Gage in media services, Tish Griffin-Satre in student services, Debbie Gleaton, Carol Hedland, and Kay McCarthy for helping us put it all together.

We would like to thank the following presenters who donated their time to conduct educational workshops: Debi Ballam and Susan Hennon, Kay McCarthy, Diane Sly, Margaret Galanin, Cameron Young, Melissa Morgan, Nikki Morris, Sue Zahnd, the RALLY Site Managers, Kristen Romanoff, Marjorie Fields, Mary Lorence, Mary Lou Madden, Paul Sugar, Joy Lyon, Suzy Greeley, Genevieve Casey-Smith, Pat Stack, Shirley Pittz, Ric Iannolino, Bonnie Thompson, Judi Brenna, Mary McBride, Mimi Walker, Barbara Johns, Michelle Felker, Michele Richey, Teresa Naravaez, Karen Goodell, Cherrie Eckland, Kathi Obersinner, Dianne Anderson, Maria Rogers, Brenda Taylor, Nancy Douglas, Goldie Barr, Linda Squibb, Lenne Mussara, Suey Linzmeier, Genevieve McLaughlin and Margie Hamburger.

Thanks to Heather Skaggs from Mommy-N-Me, Cynthia Stevenson from The Story Teller, Child Care Assistance Program, University of Alaska Department of Education, Resource and Referral Agency, Head Start, the Juneau Raptor Center, and door prizes donated by Our Back Yard, Mary Kay, and Lakeshore Learning.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Chris Burns at KINY, Charlie Jones at Printing Trade, Cyndi's Cruise and Travel, the Frontier Suites Hotel and the Aspen Hotel.

Melissa McCormick

Creativation Events

... for the support with the lung transplant

This evening I will take a long walk beside the majestic rolling surf of the Pacific. I can run or skip, shout for joy, chase the waves up and down, and dodge the Frisbees and dogs. Thank you Juneau.

Thanks to the people who supported me en route to my lung transplant. Your love and prayers carried us. And to all organ donors, thank you from the depths of my heart. You afforded me these sensuous moments in the surf or the chance to climb Mount Juneau this summer. Because of your generosity, I will attend my son's wedding. Thank you for the grandchildren I will sing to. You, who offered me new lungs as your son or daughter lay dying.

At the moment of your greatest anguish, you offered me life. Your gift touches many. I saw today at the transplant clinic. Visiting with a man whose eyes were wet with gratitude for his new liver, I learned he can now expect to see his children grow up. I watched a young boy with a new heart and a happy mother in hand. I learned that the young woman sitting beside me is able to dance and run for the first time in her life. These are a donor's gift. For these, I thank you.

I am deeply sorry that your loved one has been torn from you. I can't begin to imagine the pain and loss you must feel. I pray you know how deeply I appreciate your courage and generosity.

There are over 85,000 people waiting for life-saving organs in our country. One-third of them will die waiting because of the shortage of donors. This April, recognized as Donate Life Month, you can register to donate your organs and/or tissue by recording your wishes on a new registry. Until now, hearts on our licenses have indicated we are donors but this has been ineffective in many cases because the agencies handling the donation process many never see a donor card or license. The new registry is a free, confidential database available through the DMV or on-line which has the potential to offer each of us the opportunity to save up to eight lives through organ donation and to touch up to 50 others through tissue donation.

There are three ways you can become an organ donor. Register on-line at; say "yes" to organ donation when you renew your driver's license; or call 1-877-275-5269 to get an enrollment form. Thank you for your gift of life.

Cathy Cuenin

Former Juneau resident

... for help with UAS juried exhibition

Last week's opening reception for the third annual UAS Student Juried Exhibition at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Gallery was a fun and satisfying event. Thanks to the generosity of JAHC, Executive Director Karen Lechner, Jenny Quinn (and Leslie and David) for the Council's continued advocacy of the arts. They have provided university art students with the opportunity to exhibit their artwork outside of the envelope of the University setting, in a gallery that presents artwork to a wide slice of the Juneau community. The Council receives very little financial compensation for this service.

Thank you for your interest and patient assistance.

Thanks also to Korry Keeker from the Juneau Empire and Susan Fitzgerald from KTOO for covering the exhibition.

Public support and sponsorship of the arts opens the doors of the art world for all of us and is one of so many elements that make Juneau such a wonderful community to live in.

Jane Terzis, assistant professor of art

University of Alaska Southeast

... to Unalaska, Anchorage and Alaska

As I depart Alaska, I want to express my deep appreciation for your hospitality and kindness extended to my crew and me in the aftermath of the tragic Selendang Ayu accident.

For the community in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor, it is maybe impossible to express the true appreciation I feel. I know my crew holds your community close to their hearts. That tragic, violent day when the sea claimed our crewmates and friends you pulled us out of our despair and welcomed us into your home. You embraced us in a way only an Island community could.

To my friends and the community in Anchorage who welcomed and encouraged me on during the past almost four months away from my home, thank you. I am leaving a better person for the friendship and compassion shown to me. And to all those who gave meaning to my days at the American Red Cross, if I could do more, I would.

To the Philippine community in Alaska who embraced my crew, to my Indian community in Anchorage and the Chinese community and the Alaskan community as a whole, thank you,

To the brave men and women in the U.S. Coast Guard and who went to sea in tugs to assist us in our moment of peril, you placed yourselves in harms way to help other mariners in trouble. It is the finest custom of the sea and makes me proud of the career I have chosen. And to all whom our accident has injured, I am sorry.

I want to apologize again for my false statement. I pledge to you all that my future will be directed to helping make the seas and world a better place.

My wife and I are home as you read this, but you will always be with us in our thoughts and hearts. Thank you and God bless you.

Captain Kailash Bhushan Singh

Master of the Selendang Ayu

... for volunteer contributions

Eaglecrest is wrapping up the 2004-05 season with an acknowledgment of the massive number of volunteer hours that make Juneau's backyard ski and snowboard park a true community asset. Volunteers with the Juneau Ski Patrol alone put in approximately 3,800 hours helping make the mountain safer. Total volunteer contributions including Friends of Eaglecrest, Nordic Ski Club, 4-H Nordic program, Juneau Ski Club, Public Race Course, Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center and Outdoor Recreation and Community Access (ORCA) add up to a whopping 9,700 hours.

"It was the volunteer spirit and support of the Juneau Ski Patrol and Juneau Ski Club that helped bring Eaglecrest into existence. Their continued support and enthusiasm sustain Eaglecrest today," said Brian Davies, director of the Eaglecrest Professional Ski Patrol. A key part of that original group is 83-year-old Bob Janes Sr., who is marking his 40th year as a volunteer with the Juneau Ski Patrol. Janes will be receiving a meritorious service award at the University of Alaska Southeast commencement May 8 at Centennial Hall.

Volunteers at Eaglecrest range from parents of ski racers to cross country ski enthusiasts to outdoor safety experts. Eaglecrest is where people who experience disabilities learn to ski or snowboard with the help of volunteers. Volunteers with Friends of Eaglecrest have undertaken several projects, including repainting the day lodge, bringing live music to the mountain and hosting a summer festival. Volunteers recognize Eaglecrest as a valuable regional resource and a priceless community investment.

... for support of science fair

The Southeast Regional Science Fair was held on March 4 and 5, and was a tremendous success.

A big thank you to our major sponsors for your remarkable support: Alaska Airlines, Alaska Space Grant, British Petroleum, City & Borough of Juneau School District, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc., Leighty Foundation, and Murray & Associates PC.

Also, many local sponsors provided resources that made the Science Fair possible. Thanks to: A & P Supermarket, Alaska Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, Alaska Spring Water, Breeze-In Grocery, Costco, David Logan, DDS, Diagnostic Radiology Consultants, Douglas Weaver, Estol and Elizabeth Belflower, Family Practice Physicians, Food Service of America, Fred Meyer, Gary A. Moeller DDS, Heritage Coffee Co., Jensen Yorba Lott Inc., John Raster MD, Joseph Riederer MD, Juneau Brass and Winds, Juneau Medical Clinic Inc., Lonnie Anderson, Marianne and Verner Stillner, Morris Engineering Group LLC, Silverbow Bakery, Subway, Superbear Supermarket, Tongass Regional Eye Clinic, Valley Medical Care and Wells Fargo Bank.

So many people contribute their time and expertise to the Science Fair. Thank you judges and mentors. Thank you to the Scientific Review Committee of Alice Taff, Cynthia Pring-Ham, Doug Woodby, Jonathan Smith, Koren Bosworth, Lawrence Schaufler, Mark Peterson, Richard Heffer, Steve Zimmerman, and to the Institutional Review Board of Sarah Isto and Brendan Kiernan.

And a special thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly work to make the science fair happen. Thank you Alice Taff, Ann Gifford, Anne Fuller, Ashlin Hobbs, Barbara Hale. Barbara Kelly-Page, Barbara Sheinberg, Becky Allison, Ben Coleman, Ben Fisher, Beth Belflower, Bonita Nelson, Brendan Kelly, Cameron Vance, Chris Clark, Cristine O'Sullivan, Debbie Lumba, Diane Baxter, Eva Bornstein, Genevieve Casey-Smith, Jan Carlile, Jennifer Thompson, Jim Housley, John Wahl, Jonathan Smith, Karen Paulick, Kate Quinn, Kathy Neilson, Kathleen Jensen, Laura Fleming, Lawrence Schaufler, Leon Vance, Marcia Ballard, Mike Sakarias, Natalee Rothaus, Nicole Hartman, Rich Mattson, Richard Heffern, Ron Heintz, Scott Willis, Shontay Delalue-King, Stephanie Hoag and Ted Quinn.

Thank you Juneau for your incredible support of the Science Fair.

Koren Bosworth

Director of Southeast Alaska Science Fair

... for helping with women's lobby auction

The Juneau Steering Committee of the Alaska Women's Lobby would like to thank community members and the following businesses for their support during our recent auction. Your participation allows us to keep an active voice on women's issues before the Legislature. Thank you to Rainbow Foods, Galligaskins, The Rock Dump, Women Sail Alaska, Miss Scarlett's Greenery, Hearthside Books, Alaska Boat and Kayak Rental, Wellspring, Dareen's Hair Studio, The Shellfish Market, Lisa Davidson's, Heritage Coffee, Nugget Outfitters, Landscape Alaska and The Fiddlehead/DiSopra Restaurant.

Lauree Hugonin

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