NOW wasn't tricked about Roberts, Alito

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 27, 2007

On Jan. 9, 2006, during his opening statement at Judge Samuel Alito's confirmation hearing, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., claimed that Chief Justice John Roberts would maintain "modesty, stability" and would "not move the court in a different direction." Specter scoffed at the National Organization for Women's actions against the Roberts and Alito nominations. He predicted Judge Alito would pleasantly surprise dissenters.

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Maybe Specter was surprised last week regarding the federal abortion ban, when Roberts and Alito abandoned their avowed respect for precedent for a chance to push their political agenda. But that was no surprise to NOW, which predicted they would rule consistently with President George W. Bush's "worst-president-ever" record: radically conservative and disastrous to the privacy rights, health, safety and well-being of most Americans.

In last week's dissenting opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg cited established precedent. She said, "When a statute burdens constitutional rights and all that can be said on its behalf is that it is the vehicle that legislators have chosen for expressing their hostility to those rights, the burden is undue." She concluded that the prevailing opinion "is, quite simply, irrational."

NOW and legions of Americans are looking forward to electing, in November 2008, a rational Congress that will repeal the ban and a rational president who will sign the repeal.

Barbara McDaniel

President, Mat-Su National Organization for Women


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