Street lights on during the day

Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2008

During a recent jog on Glacier Highway, I looked up to the sky expecting to see only sunlight.

However, there was an extra light source present. The street lamps above the bus shelters were blaring in the middle of the afternoon!

Now, no one is above forgetting to turn the lights off every now and then, even during an energy crisis, but I felt truly powerless in this case. I couldn't do like we do at my house, just flipping the switch behind roommates when they forget.

As a cyclist who often rides at night, I'm very glad to see that public street lights have remained on since power costs have risen. But who holds the power to these street light switches, anyhow?

Whoever they are, I hope they remember to flip them off tomorrow so we can have the funds and energy to keep them on when it's actually dark.

Libby Sterling


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