Palin doesn't deserve front page coverage

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Former Gov. Sarah Palin does not deserve to continue to occupy the Juneau Empire's front page headlines. She is no friend to Southeast Alaska and certainly not the capital city.

The Empire should not continue to play into her need for publicity, drama and fame by giving her front page space. Isn't there anything more newsworthy than an ex-governor who didn't fulfill her term, who passed no legislation for the betterment of Southeast, and who did everything in her power to thumb her nose at the capital city?

We buy your paper for news, not drama and political rhetoric. Get Palin off the front page. In fact, I don't see that she is doing anything newsworthy enough to even take up back page space in the capital city's paper.

Palin is in Alaska's past, and she needs to stay there.

Sidney Fadaoff


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