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Posted: Friday, April 28, 2000

They just don't get it, do they? If the Legislators want to sit at the bargaining table and negotiate contracts with state employees - they need to change the law. Otherwise, they just say yes or no. If they say no, we strike. We already negotiated these contracts.

Fellow ASEA members, put on your boots, it is time to walk. If the Legislators think they can bully us by this restricted contract - let them hear their constituents' phone calls when we stop working.

I'm a college graduate with technical training and schooling. I worked for the state for eight years and left to go to the private sector. I immediately made $10 more an hour. Anyone who thinks state workers are overpaid has never worked for the state. Professionals can make 30 to 40 percent more in the private sector.

To the $14 an-hour-state worker, I'm a mechanic and I make $14 an hour. The shop charges $60. You are paying for the tools, the equipment and the supplies at the shop.

To the JDHS student, anybody can speak to a school board member.

About the Eagle Beach road, I stopped by and saw a protection officer from the federal government who was out there. He said they were going rework the road and grade it this year. It's going to happen, hang in there.

What is up with bicyclists in the roadway? That's why we have bike paths. I think it is arrogant and dangerous to have them on the road.

I'm only 23 but I have been in Juneau all my life. People come in from down south and want the road. People have lived here all their lives without a road - we don't need a road now.

Special thanks to the men who helped me in the dog incident on North Douglas. You were very kind and I am grateful no one was hurt.

We saw the Snowbirds flying in. What a treat. Thank you Snowbirds.

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