Abortion demonstration helps explain activists

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This letter is concerning the abortion demonstration article on Monday's front page. I may be a 19-year-old male conservative but, in a way, I am glad that the "throng" of women protested that their rights to abortion are being oppressed. Frankly, the ideals and morals of such activists confuse me, but I believe the march on Washington and George W. Bush gives others such as me - conservatives - a deeper understanding of the thinking of activists such as these.

What this protest shows me personally is that these pro-choice activists are slowly weeding themselves out of society through the killing of their unborn offspring. Thus, being unable to indoctrinate those lost children with such selfish thinking, they try to force their wants, not needs, upon the rest of society. These activists are unwilling to take on the responsibility they took when they so eagerly embraced in personal activities.

Why can't these activists host a march to promote safe sex or the proper use of a condom? Those are better means to prevent pregnancy, not to mention skipping the part where the baby's brains are sucked out of its head.

I believe that if you are willing to put another human through an experience described as above (partial-birth abortion), then you have no right to be a mother. If anyone's rights are being oppressed and/or eroded, then it is the innocent child's right to live and the right to live is much more important than the right to freedom of choice.

Eli Derenoff


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