Don't blame mayor in Simpson's defense

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

While I can understand Ms. Simpson's frustration at being caught up in the Ruedirich troubles, it seems to me regrettable that she needs to find some room in her defense via blaming Mayor Botelho for suggesting a need for a new capitol. As she well knows, it is a new capitol building that the mayor is discussing, not a new capital. As for suggesting that the voters have made clear their unwillingness to finance such an undertaking, what was rejected was building a new capital city. Remember, if we move the capital, homeowners whose property values plummet expect compensation, businesses would seek compensation for lost business, and the list is seemingly endless. It was those costs that voters are probably unwilling to bear.

It is an open secret up in those august halls of representation that the time is long past due for new capitol building. Kudos to Mayor Botelho for not hiding behind political correctness and being willing to discuss this reality openly.

Caleb Stewart


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