Empire lowers standards with Simpson piece

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I read your disturbing piece ("Simpson e-mail ignites capital move squabble," April 25, 2004) over the Internet and felt compelled to write this letter.

During my seven years as a Juneau resident, I worked both for the Legislature and a state agency and observed Paulette Simpson's relentless efforts to win friends for Juneau. She has the respect of people in all political parties and many others inside and outside of the Empire's readership area.

I hope the decision to pass this story off as newsworthy was an isolated exception for the Empire and not your new standard in reporting. I am surprised at the Empire and disappointed that your paper would let writer Timothy Inklebarger lower the bar.

Few citizens have worked harder and truer for Juneau and I am sorry to see Paulette abused this way. Keeping the capital in Juneau has always been a top priority for you, I think, and her, I know. I hope she is not discouraged by your piece and that her tireless efforts will not cease. People who know Paulette Simpson know she will fight harder than anyone else to make sure the capital beat stays with you.

Cora C. Miller

East Alton, Ill.

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