Bill protects consumers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2005

Many Alaska home builders, contractors and construction industry participants have worked hard toward the passage of HB 81, sponsored by Rep. Tom Anderson. What started out as an effort to help protect consumers from illegal contractors and fly-by-night scam artists and even the playing field for legal contractors has turned into a campaign of misinformation by people who want to continue breaking the law.

These misinformed individuals have put letters in your paper describing the bill as taking away people's right to work on their own property. Absolutely false. In fact, these individuals should go back and reread HB 81.

HB 81 establishes a civil-penalty process for the state to enforce current laws regarding contractors. Administrative hearing officers will provide the necessary due process, and anyone can appeal their case to court if they wish. Currently the enforcement process is slow and not very effective.

Home owners and consumers should join the large list of law-abiding contractors, builders and construction businesses in support of Rep. Anderson and the passage of HB 81 this session.

John Wood


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