Spring uncovers inconsiderate trash

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring has arrived, and with it the evidence of inconsiderate neighbors. I would like to draw attention to three areas that seem to be confusing some people.

Dog poop is trash. I say this just in case you dog owners think otherwise. If your dog poops on snow, you still have to pick it up. It will not magically disappear due to the next snowfall. Now is a good time to revisit some of your winter walks and pick up the poop that has reappeared. And to the folks that throw their dog's poop over the fence onto the public walkway, I say shame on you.

Cigarette butts are trash, they do not decompose here. Cigarette butts also won't disappear if dropped into the snow. They are unsightly and should not be left laying around. Please dispose of your butts into the trash. To the person who lives near the public walkway to one of our parks - shame on you for tossing your winter supply of cigarette butts over your fence onto the walkway.

Renters, you are responsible for picking up trash in front of your apartment. Take some pride in your neighborhood, even if you do not own your home. Help the neighborhood look cared for. Pick it up, even if you do not know where it came from.

It is time to pick up the winter trash and spruce up our neighborhoods. Take an extra sack along when you walk and let's all pitch in to help clean things up.

Liz Stahl


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