Build a second bridge


Posted: Sunday, April 29, 2001

I strongly agree there should be another bridge crossing to Douglas Island. I firmly believe the bridge crossing should be at the intersection of Egan Drive and Vanderbilt Hill Road for the following reasons:

The intersection already has a signal light, we don't need any more signal lights on Egan Drive.

The bridge would have minimal impact on the tidal flats and minimize the ecological impact of the wetlands. The surface area of the bridge piers are very small compared to a dike across the flats.

The bridge crossing is four miles from the present Douglas Island bridge.

The bridge crossing will provide an alternate evacuation route in case there is a catastrophic even.

Bridge construction is allocated from a fund separate from road construction.

Traffic delays for redoing the intersection would be minimal.

The new bridge crossing will provide another route for those people to and from Douglas Island, and will ease the congestion on the present Douglas Island bridge during rush hours.

The bridge crossing at that intersection would provide easier access to the numerous businesses in the Lemon Creek area as well as the valley for the residents of North Douglas.

Crossing the mud flats in that area would be far enough away from any of the bird hunting that occurs in the tidal areas around the airport.

A bridge across the mud flats would not disrupt any salmon migrations.

We need a second crossing between Juneau and Douglas Island. I am not in favor of any bridge crossings closer to the airport. I love to hike out on the flats behind the airport. The bridge crossing across the mud flats would be best ecologically.

I would strongly push for a four-lane bridge, with a pedestrian walkway. We may not need it now, but in 10 years we will.

Jerome Jenson, P.E.


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