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Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I have an anthology of summer Sunday morning comments in order of their relative importance.

I'm very pleased to see the Empire's managing editor's footnoted research (Letters to the Editor, April 27) set the record straight on Sen. Cowdery's dangerous pro-war spin on what was purported to have been said by a Norwegian philosopher who related his experience with an individual close to Hitler just prior to the second World War. Please make the time to read it if you missed it and good work, Mr. Editor.

Soon the Assembly will take another look at a revision of the USA Patriot Act resolution, since the CBJ attorney's office didn't like the original one presented by various citizens. It's the one that had all those sharp teeth in it. This was because it might bring recrimination, financial and otherwise, down upon CBJ from the feds high above. As the resolution has been now modified, the CBJ attorney's office will make all decisions for us as to which of our personal records will or will not be released to the feds.

Hmmm, how does that go again? One inch equals how many miles?

Green's Creek Mines wants to spread out its invasive waste-rock tailings even more now, to cover 61.3 acres. This is up from roughly half that and will form a potentially toxic waste-rock coating covering a once pristine portion of Admiralty Island - a national monument that is supposedly protected by our U.S. Forest Service. Proponents of mining on Admiralty tell us we "need" the metals extracted there, as much as the CBJ needs the tax base derived. Maybe, but what isn't needed is the continuous leaching off of metallic piles of toxic waste-rock right into the surrounding natural system. Therefore, at a bare minimum, citizens should vehemently require that our U.S. Forest Service, in turn, require the Greens Creek conglomerate use all known technical measures to detoxify their waste-rock tailing before it is simply dumped on the ground to oxidize.

Please let District Ranger and nature-story teller extraordinaire Pete Griffin hear your grave concerns at 8465 Old Dairy Road, Juneau, AK 99801.

Now, last and least, is the school bus driver, fashion commentator's letter. I can only hope she is watching the road at least as much as she is passing value judgments on her young students' attire. Ah, the beautiful summer weather.

Alan R. Munro


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