Letter: An answer to the boxing controversy

Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Everyone should say they are sorry and forget about it. It's not like child abuse where someone needs to be prosecuted. The Duckworths should go back to Juneau and fight. Give the guy who cut his arm a chance to heal and everyone train. Give the Duckworths input on who the judges will be and find judges that both parties can agree upon. Don't let the taunting go on, this time recognizing that some fighters are very sensitive. Have the fighters prepare for their fight away from each other.

The big hurdle seems to be that someone "dissed" someone else. Hey, get over it. There are worse things in life than getting dissed.

Learn from your mistakes. People that don't make mistakes aren't doing anything. Have some fun with it. Because the Duckworths said they weren't going back they can raise ticket prices.

Juneau promoters say you are sorry. You'd like to just forget about it and put out the red carpet for the Duckworths if they return.

Duckworths just go back to Juneau and fight. Wear suits. Act like gentleman and fight like crazy when you get in the ring.

Breathe deep through your nose. Think about it. Don't worry so much. So a guy punched a window. It's not that big a deal. The other option is you'll never get to fight the guy. Find the judges you can agree upon.

Why deprive fight fans of a great fight? Other than we can't just all fly to Ketchikan.

Or to put it simply, stop fighting and then fight.

Joe Parnell


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