All Juneau lawmakers care about is money

Posted: Sunday, April 29, 2007

Did you read the paper on April 18? Did you get all warm and fuzzy when you read the sales pitch from Juneau lawmakers about how environmentally conscious they were regarding the harm caused by photo-degradable plastic bags?

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Their solution was, of course, to charge the shopper 15 cents per bag for using them. This is typical of Juneau lawmakers, who will use any excuse or means to generate more income for their fiscally irresponsible form of government.

If they were really environmentally conscious, they would block the stores from providing such bags. They won't because paper is more expensive and the stores would raise Cain, but the problem could be resolved overnight if the politicians really cared.

But once again they show their true colors. They reward or protect the power (stores) and victimize the residents (shoppers).

Bruce Hale


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