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Posted: Sunday, April 29, 2007

Serial Anchorage rapist sentenced

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ANCHORAGE - An Anchorage man convicted of serial rape has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

Timothy Paul Barrickman, 41, pleaded no contest to one charge each of sexual assault and assault in a deal that dropped other charges, including four other counts of sexual assault. He was sentenced Thursday.

"The victims did not want to relive the trauma," said prosecutor Taylor Winston of the state's willingness to accept the deal. The victims also accepted the deal, she said.

Superior Court Judge Philip Volland sentenced Barrickman to eight years for first-degree sexual assault and six months for second-degree assault.

Tripod moves, Nenana Ice Classic ends

FAIRBANKS - The Nenana Ice Classic ended Friday when the contest's clock tripped at 3:47 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.

Cherrie Forness, ice classic manager, said winners will claim a $303,272 jackpot, the biggest payout in the past five years. Winners in the annual spring guessing contest are expected to be announced over the weekend.

Nenana is a river and rail town of 359 about 55 road miles south of Fairbanks on the Parks Highway.

The Nenana Ice Classic began in 1917 when Alaska Railroad workers bet on the exact date and time the ice on the Tanana River would break up.

Each year, thousands of Alaskans pay $2.50 per shot to guess the exact minute the Tanana River ice will go out.

Breakup of the river is detected with the use of a wooden tripod. The jackpot for last year's classic was $270,500. There were eight winning tickets, each worth $33,812.50.

Most clocks in the state read 4:47 p.m. Alaska Daylight Time when the ice went out but Alaska Standard Time is used on the tickets to designate a winner.

The tripod moved a short distance down river and tipped over at about 3:30 p.m. ADT before getting caught in an ice jam. The cable connecting the tripod to a clock on shore didn't tighten enough to stop the clock until just over an hour later.

Robert Hale wants to change his plea

ANCHORAGE - The man called Papa Pilgrim wants to change his no-contest plea on charges of rape, kidnapping and incest.

Robert Hale, 66, was scheduled to be sentenced Monday in Glennallen. A court date was set for September to consider his bid to withdraw the plea.

Hale contends he was impaired by the drugs administered for various medical problems in jail to understand the implications of the plea agreement, according to Palmer District Attorney Richard Payne.

The prosecutor said he plans to oppose the effort to change the plea back to not guilty. If the court accepts the plea reversal, the earliest a trial could begin is early next year.

The plea agreement was worked out last December by Hale's lawyer, Palmer public defender Lee de Grazia. Hale will be represented at the Sept. 13 hearing instead by the state's Office of Public Advocacy, Payne said.

Hale has been ill with diabetes, blood clots and infection. He said at a court hearing in December that he did not expect to live long.

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