Media is a tool of the government

Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thomas Jefferson observed that "Information is the currency of democracy." The power of this idea isn't effectively being applied in our country. Consider this evidence:

Making citizens think on a diet of half-truths for their own good has become our government's top domestic policy. The smokescreen is secrecy and national security - tools of natural aristocracy that inevitably hide government corruption.

Our national news media is discrediting our constitutional institutions of liberty by ignoring their more numerous successes while exaggerating their fewer failures. This deliberately undermines public confidence in our form of government.

By prostituting itself to bureaucratic and political special interests, our national news media sabotages American citizen power to suppress government corruption.

Congress working as a propaganda and entertainment device for citizen mind control is now more important than lawmaking based on citizen ideas.

Deliberate information complication by special interests undermines the confidence of individual Americans in their natural mental capabilities. This increases public dependence on "experts" and "authorities" to interpret reality for them - intellectual enslavement by definition.

U.S. education has been degraded into a government sponsored tool for population control. General student testing exposes this by showing decades of declining results in developing American ability to create and apply knowledge. This "dumbing down" of U.S. citizens has changed America from the world's leading production and creditor nation into the world's leading consumer and debtor nation.

Shouldn't we apply history's lessons and the recorded genius of U.S. founders, instead of being bullied or appeased by functionally illiterate or frightened government officials?

Stuart Thompson


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