Waiting period is bad state policy

Posted: Sunday, April 30, 2000

The proposed 24-hour abortion waiting period has nothing to do with ``good public health'' or ``good state policy,'' as stated in the April 24 My Turn. It is merely another attempt by the religious right to increase the difficulty of obtaining an abortion.

Do you think that women get abortions on a whim? Far from it. Women who choose to have abortions have thought long and hard about their decisions and weighed the available alternatives. They don't need a 24-hour waiting period, in addition to the time they have waited to obtain an appointment with a doctor, who is still willing to perform the abortion procedure in this hostile environment. They don't need more ``education'' to understand their options. There are only three options when you are pregnant with a child that you don't want. You can have the unwanted child. You can give the child up for adoption and hope that he/she is given a good life on this overpopulated planet, already filled with thousands of parentless children. Or, you can end the pregnancy.

The statement that, ``abortion clinics do not counsel patients on alternatives, fetal developments and all the risks because it is not in their monetary interests to do so,'' is wrong. The people who perform abortions are medical doctors who provide counseling, as they do for any other medical procedure. If money were their sole incentive, then they would have chosen one of the many profitable medical professions that wouldn't expose them to death threats from extremist pro-lifers.

Please live your life according to your beliefs. Let the rest of us do what we believe is right in our circumstance. Women's medical options should not be limited or delayed by government, and government should not be influenced by the church.

Marina Lindsey Juneau

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