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Posted: Sunday, April 30, 2000

I'd like to remind the people of Juneau to tip your servers. We make $5.65 an hour.

Thanks to the Empire for letting readers know about the Discovery Channel program about the glacier rescue. And thanks to the local videography for providing some of the footage of the reenactment.

Our new gold rock at Cope Park is such a joy and delight to the eye on a sunny day. City, let's complete the job professionally and give us, and our visitors, the lift of a smile as we pass by our very own great gold nugget by Gold Creek. Thanks to whoever had the bright idea.

Bill Brown is absolutely right. Gay marriages are good for the economy. People who want to establish a stable home life should be allowed. Who are we to stay in the way?

The Empire lists Bill Brown as an economist but he really is a gay rights activist.

A hardy thanks to the kids who cleaned up Douglas Highway on Friday. It looks great.

How about moving the pictures of Juneau's young athletes to the Neighbors page or something. That will clear more room for pictures of fights between grown men playing professional sports. After all, there were only three in Friday's paper. You can do better than that.

I have an idea for a new high school. Take the remaining merchants at the Mendenhall Mall and put them in the empty spaces at the Nugget Mall. The old JC Penney's could be the gym, there's plenty of parking and it would be centrally located.

I agree that Fred Meyers has good customer service once you get inside. But cutting through the smoke screen is terrible. Please have your employees smoke somewhere else - some of us are allergic to smoke.

For people who train their dogs or don't train their dogs - please put dogs on leashes at the boat harbor.

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