Looking for Lentil

Posted: Monday, April 30, 2001

I'm the exhausted woman you've seen roaming the streets with flyers, desperately looking for my cat Lentil. He's been gone for a week now.

I've had Lentil for nine years, since he was a kitten, from my cabin in Fairbanks to my home in downtown Juneau. I've spent more hours of my life with him than anyone except my immediate family. He's an affectionate, playful and clever cat who has always been able to make me laugh even in my hardest moments. When he was a kitten he made a flying leap toward me and landed in a bowl of newly cooked lentils. That's how he got his silly name. I have to find him.

Thing is, I sense foul play. Two close neighbors have also lost cats in the past several days. Neither their cats nor mine have ever been known to wander. All three are neutered. All three come from the same Seventh Street neighborhood that we all think is safe for animals.

I would like to believe that all people are kind to animals. But three cats have been lost within three days, in homes nearly right next to each other. This seems more than coincidence. Something's wrong here. If anyone has harmed Lentil, they will hear me cry. If anyone has any information, I hope they'll come forward.

I hope you'll take a look at my ad in the classifieds, and if you don't care about my cat, maybe you'll care about the reward money. I'm determined to find him, and find answers to these disappearances. Until then please keep watch, and try not to be annoyed when I'm in your neighborhood calling for Lentil and putting up flyers. I love that cat and I'm not going to quit.

Teri Camery


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