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Posted: Monday, April 30, 2001

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I would just like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the Alaska Folk Festival a great success this year. As always it's my favorite part of living in Juneau.

Katrina Rice

I am responding in support of the My Turn by Kevin Myers regarding stopping logging on Deer Island. Americans overwhelming support the Roadless Rule, which protects wilderness areas in national forests including areas like Deer Island. Over 95 percent of comments collected by the U.S. Forest Service were in favor of the Roadless Rule and in Alaska 6-to-1 were in favor. The Forest Service has lots of non-Roadless Rule areas to log to feed timber needs, but still sent loggers to Deer Island knowing the risk, but wanting to log that land before it could be protected. Both the Forest Service and loggers must accept that we must protect the 4 percent of wilderness that is left. Isn't 96 percent of it enough for them? Logging has not only created problems like erosion, flooding and loss of wildlife, but economically it is not feasible. For every dollar made logging $28 is made from other uses, including recreation and tourism which requires intact forests. Bottom line, let's act for the greater good and continue to protect our forests.

Anne Yates

After reading Kathy Dye's article on April 27 about Sen. Hoffman's dog dying from drinking anti-freeze that was spilled on Basin Road, I would like to say that it is very sad that this poor pet had to die needlessly. This animal lost its life because it was taken in to a clearly posted and restricted area and then allowed to run free. Just what sort of message will this send to Juneau residents who also think it's all right to break the law and allow their dogs to use our watershed as a toilet?

Gary Johnson

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