Legislature ensures Southeast will suffer

Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I try not to get angry with anyone over politics and religion but, I've decided to drop politics from that goal.

Reading Dave Donley's letter to the Empire on April 25 and the "Ferry system eyes cutbacks" article on April 26 makes me want to puke.

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Fair to Dave Donley is ramming a budget down our collective throats that cuts the ferry system, doesn't maintain school funding for UofA or K-12, or public safety. Fair to Dave Donley is cutting services to any one but his constituents. Fair to Dave Donley is making sure that the state spends less each year while making sure Anchorage and Fairbanks city streets are paved with state dollars while communities in rural areas pay to have theirs done. Fair to Dave Donley is implementing a state sales tax regardless of the fact that many communities already have one mostly because they don't receive any help from our Legislature.

I am tired of listening to the pretend concern expressed over our fiscal gap which we've known about for a long time and the halfhearted attempts to address it.

Public opinion has favored an income tax but until a concerned fellow legislator expressed his concerns about a sales tax as noted by the Empire article, "New income tax plan on table" April 23, we the people are ignored.

No matter what, whether a budget, fiscal gap solution, or just plain fairness, I don't expect that with the current group of donkey's hindquarters anything will ever be resolved that won't require the suffering of Southeast and other rural areas of Alaska.

In my opinion if the capital was ever to move we will be thanking Dave Donley and people like him who in effect cripple Juneau and Southeast by continuing to cut important services such as ferry service, making it less accessible to our friends up north or the visitor. We can also thank Fran Ulmer and Tony Knowles for the continued migration of state departments from Juneau to Anchorage during their time in office.

John Mielke


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