Wolf killing is bad for tourism

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Should the state be promoting shooting wolves from air planes and helicopters? This is exactly what is proposed under House Bill 208 and Senate Bill 155. What image does state-sponsored wolf killing portray to visitors?

The tourism industry has a full plate dealing with the aftermath of 9-11, an economic recession, and SARS all wrapped together with a post-war climate. Is the tourism industry prepared to deal with yet another factor - a tourism boycott such as the one that occurred in 1993. Even though the Alaska Tourism Industry Association is receiving a grant of $4 million from the Legislature in the current budget, this won't be enough to buffer them from the reduced sales and negative public relations of a tourism boycott. Call or e-mail your legislators demanding that they reject these bills. Alaskans who depend on tourism can't afford to deal with the impacts of this poor wildlife management.

William J. Farrell


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