Keep men out of abortion issues

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

Why are so many men involved in the abortion issue? Bush and company want to legally prevent women from having an abortion without providing any services for them.

Abortion - whether to have one or not; whether it is a legal procedure or not; and whether it is funded by government or not - is a woman's issue and men should not be involved.

Men provide only the necessary sperm for the pregnancy and then, more often than not, take off, fearful of the responsibility. Our society has not progressed as yet to the point when care of our children is fully shared between the sexes.

How can a bunch of men, using the guise of knowing the mind of God, want to, again, force young women to put their dreams on hold and spend a large portion of their lives raising, alone, these evidences of a past passion with little or no help from the purveyors of righteousness?

Men - stay out of it. If our country's women want to keep abortion legal - or make it illegal - let them, and them alone vote on it. If you "men of good will" want children, find a good woman, take extra good care of her, and when the children arrive, share in the raising of them.

The young women now seeking an abortion have no such support.

Dick Palmatier


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