Medicare drug plan for seniors doesn't work

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

One example of how bad Medicare really is occurred recently when, near death, I was refused treatment because of my lack of private insurance. Fortunately, I received life-saving medical care by going to a Veterans hospital emergency room.

The new drug plan for Alaska's seniors is designed to save the state money, but with complete disregard for patients' health. People with low or fixed incomes will eventually become disqualified from all health care plans that include medication. First we were given generic drugs with no choice. Now Alaskan seniors face a future of generic drugs and generic medical care. Already 70 percent of care providers in Alaska refuse to accept Medicare patients, because they receive 20 percent less for their services.

This new drug program fits nicely into Gov. Frank Murkowski's quest to cut programs for low or fixed income seniors and disabled people. Governor Murkowski would rather build bridges, roads, and other pipe dreams. His new drug program, taking the Longevity Bonus and other attacks on Alaska's seniors will be paying the bill so he can fulfill his dreams and the dreams of his rich supporters. We who have lived to tell the truth about his drug plan will not forget how we are being treated (or in this case not treated) by Gov. Murkowski and the Alaska Legislature.

Jewel Walker Sr.


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